Razer Diamondback Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look

The Diamondback is certainly unique in terms of its shape, the super slim and long design leaves the mouse with a very stretched appearance. Down the left side, you’ll find two slim side buttons, which sit just under the curve of the side panel.

There’s a rubber grip towards the base, which provides a good spot for your thumb and benefits all grips, such as palm, claw and fingertip, as well as improving grip for using a lift-off technique.

Running around the edge of the mouse, you’ll find a clear plastic strip, which allows for the internal LED lighting to pass through, which we’ll see in action shortly. There are two more side buttons on the right, as well as another rubber grip, giving the Diamondback a symmetrical shape that makes it great for both left and right-hand use.


The mouse wheel on the Diamondback comes coated with a bumpy rubber grip for added control and has a clearly defined “bump” when turned, giving it added precision that will prove useful while gaming; the mouse wheel can also be clicked, adding an extra programmable button to the setup.

Both the left and right mouse buttons are separated, giving them added precision and control. The tactile click is snappy and responsive, which is great for firing off rapid clicks; a welcome feature for MOBA gamers.

Around the back, a small Razer logo, which also comes with built-in LED lighting.

There are three slipmats on the base, which provide the Diamondback with excellent glide, even more so thanks to the lightweight and perfectly balanced design of the mouse, making it perfect for use on a wide range of gaming surfaces.