Raspberry Pi Sim Card Add-On Provides Mobile Connectivity

The Raspberry Pi has been one of the most versatile and popular little mini computers of recent times. The Raspberry Pi has spawned a whole generator of small form factor ARM System boards, many of which are actually better than the Raspberry Pi itself. That said the reputation of Raspberry Pi is so strong that people continue to develop new innovations for it, the latest is a Sim Card add-on module.

The draft KickStarter project is aiming to create the “SparqEE CELLL v1.0” add on which allows for Cellular connectivity. The goal is to develop a Cellular add-on board for the Rasperry Pi and Arduino system boards. The kit will provide a cellular module, USB power cable and all the cables needed to get going. It will allow you to connect to a mobile network providing you have a valid SIM with data access.

The project aims to raise $70,000 to get going. The price for a development kit will be $69 for the first 100 plus $10 shipping outside the USA. After those have sold the price will then become $79 plus the same $10 shipping outside the USA. Considering the Raspberry Pi is cheaper than that it could have a tough time swaying some people. Would you spend $70 to get your Raspberry Pi mobile internet connectivity?

Image courtesy of SparqEE (Kickstarter)T