Rajintek Announces Morpheus II Core Edition VGA Cooler

Rajintek is a hardware company which currently specializes in affordable solutions aimed towards budget-conscience users. Their products offer astounding value and compete against higher tier solution with a much greater price point. For example, The Triton all-in-one liquid cooler gained a cult following due to the changeable dyes, clear tubing and transparent block. The unique design looks phenomenal and is more stylish that the huge quantity of re-branded Asetek units on the market. Today, the company unveiled the Morpheus II Core Edition VGA cooler. This is the successor to the Morpheus Core Edition launched in 2014 and features enhanced GPU support including the Radeon R9 Fury series, R9 390, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti and more!

In a similar vein to the Triton, the core branding relates to a lack of fans bundled with the unit. This is a fantastic idea if you already own high performance fans such as Noctua NF-F12s and want to save a bit of money on the VGA cooler itself. In terms of dimensions, the heatsink measures a total of 254mm x 98mm x 44mm and weighs 512g. The dense, monolithic, aluminium fin stack dissipates heat from a nickle-plated copper GPU block. There’s also six 6mm thick heat-pipes making two passes through the dense fin stack. This supports cooling for up to 18 memory chips, an in-line MOSFET heatsink and smaller MOSFETs. The package comes with thermal pads, thermal paste and mounting equipment to quickly attach this aftermarket heatsink.

Unfortunately, Rajintek didn’t disclose any information regarding the price point or when the product will hit retail channels. Although, given the company’s history, I would expect it to remain very affordable. In the modern era, vendors opt for impressive cooling solutions and I’m not entirely sure how widespread the product’s appeal will be.

Do you think custom VGA coolers like the Morpheus II Core still have a place in the current market?

Image courtesy of modcrash.