Rainbow Six Siege Incorporates Microtransactions

YouTube gaming personality, Angry Joe recently interviewed Scott Mitchell, Rainbow Six Siege’s Animation Director and uncovered a startling revelation about the game’s business model. During the interview, Mitchell unexpectedly disclosed information regarding microtransactions called ‘Rainbow Credits’. Despite clearly mentioning the microtransactions, Mitchell didn’t elaborate further and proclaimed all the details would be revealed within the next month. These microtransactions already add to the game’s soaring price point which varies between $59.99 for the standard edition and $149.99 for the collector’s edition.

Even more absurd, the game will not feature a single-player component and still retail at the industry-standard $59.99. Additionally, the higher-tier model’s pricing is sadly commonplace in the gaming industry and quite insulting to Rainbow Six’s loyal following. Clearly, Mitchell made a mistake in announcing the microtransactions which could have been a subject on his mind to avoid. Whether you love or dislike Angry Joe, this sort of questioning has helped to uncover the truth about the game’s business model. Now this information is in the open, prior to release, many consumers might be inclined to cancel their pre-order.

It’s a shame that the modern gaming industry includes microtransactions in full-priced titles and it looks like this has become the norm. Personally, when games implement these anti-consumer measures, I feel inclined to wait for a large price reduction or spend money on independent games instead.