RadioShack Plans to Sell Customer Data

Radioshack is planning to sell its customer data, even with opposition from multiple US states. The bankrupt company is looking to recoup some money and has asked a bankruptcy court for permission to sell some assest, part of which are customer data.

The state of Texas is taking the lead from the opposing states, and they have found that the sale could involve as many as 117 million customers. Though contrary to this RadioShack has stated that the customer files offered for sale may be reduced to approximately 67 million. The problem is that this data contains personally identifiable information and this is what the states have a problem with. Texas is seeking with the courts to ensure that Radioshack will have to disclose what that information includes; basic information or extended information like credit card numbers or account history.

It seems that they are keen on keeping the information allowed to be sold to a minimum if they can help it. Unfortunately, we do not see that many companies upholding good moral values when it comes to making a buck and selling customer information has become a standard practice. Do you believe that companies should be allowed to sell its user data?  If so what do you think it should only cover?

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