Radeon Settings: Crimson Edition Performance Analysis

Synthetic Benchmarks

3D Mark

Throughout the testing in 3DMark, all of the tested cards saw a small performance increase. The only cards to suffer was the R9 390 in all tests and the R9 380 in the 4K test.

The performance gain is slightly more noticeable during this test. The performance between each card has a nice linear line, so every cloud has a silver lining I guess.

Unigine Valley

While Unigine Valley isn’t interactive, the benchmark is extremely demanding and is the perfect test to determine the worst case scenario of performance at each resolution. At 1080p, we see all apart from the bottom two cards taking a negative hit to performance. The R9 Fury X drops 3 FPS.

Things aren’t getting much better at 1440p with the R9 Nano performance dropping below the prior R9 390X.

4K is too demanding for the R9 380 and was removed from this and the rest of the 4K tests. Performance levels out at this resolution, but the new update performs worse on average.


Compute Performance

A driver can’t increase the overall pure grunt of a GPU core and as such increases and decreases here are negligible.