be quiet! Straight Power 10 CM 800W Semi-Modular Power Supply Review

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Introduction & Packaging

Today be quiet! are expanding their Straight Power series of power supplies with a new range of models. The Straight Power series already has 400W to 700W models under the Straight Power E9 label but now they are adding 400-800W models to the mix under a new Straight Power 10 series. We are looking more specifically at their Straight Power 10 800W CM power supply which, like many existing products in the Straight Power series, features modular cables, a Silent Wings PWM fan and 80 Plus Gold certification. Given the wattage of this model, it also has multi-GPU support making it ideal for Crossfire or SLI based systems. With this new launch be quiet! are continuing their tradition of using FSP as the main OEM as they’ve had a long and successful partnership with FSP who make great power supply internals and be quiet know how to finish the product off with high quality fans, useful features and sharp presentation.

Packaging and Contents

The Straight Power 10 CM 800W PSU from be quiet is classified by them as a “Premium” product. That means it targets a higher end user with a bigger budget. Only the Dark Power Pro series offers a “better” PSU.

Be Quiet Straight Power 10 800W (1)

The specifications of the unit can be seen below. be quiet!’s Straight Power 10 CM 800W uses four 12 volt rails which are clearly labelled.

Be Quiet Straight Power 10 800W (2)

The cable configuration can be seen below with the notable feature being support for dual GPUs. I would like to have seen three-way GPU support but they reserve this for their 1000W Dark Power Pro and Power Zone models, and the 1200W Dark Power Pro gets quad GPU support.

Be Quiet Straight Power 10 800W (3v2)

The accessory pack includes a user manual, some black cable ties, a power cord and five black screws (the extra one is a spare).

Be Quiet Straight Power 10 800W (4)

Article Index

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  2. A Closer Look - Exterior
  3. A Closer Look - Interior
  4. Test Procedure
  5. Efficiency, PFC and Voltage Regulation
  6. Ripple Testing
  7. OPP and Max Wattage
  8. Fan Speed
  9. Final Thoughts
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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    The label would be bad news for me as I tend to install the PSU’s fan facing down to draw air in from outside the case but there’s no right or wrong fan orientation, it’s the individuals choice.

    Teapo’s quality must’ve improved over the years, back in the days when I worked on the bench Teapo caps were nothing more than cheap Chinese junk and not very reliable.

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