be quiet! Dark Rock TF CPU Cooler Review


Stock performance for the Dark Rock TF is very impressive, sitting right next to some of the best coolers we’ve ever tested and only a tiny bit below the performance of be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3.

What’s incredible is that it’s able to keep us well within a safe cooling target while maintaining virtually inaudible performance. For reference, the ambient noise in our office is 37-39 dBa and with just 1 dBa above ambient from this cooler; you have to have the fan blades hitting your ears before you’ll hear that they’re powered on.

Overclocked performance proved a little more challenging for the cooler, but it’s still a commendable performance and well within a safe limit. More impressive is that the TF outperformed the Dark Rock Pro 3!

While it may not have had our test CPU running the coolest, although I will say again, it cooled it enough to be comfortable, it managed to prove just how amazing be quiet! are when it comes to keeping their namesake. The Dark Rock TF fans didn’t need to make any more noise to keep our system running, making it the absolute quietest CPU cooler we’ve ever tested; apart from a 0dBa passive model which is absent from our charts.