Quantum Break’s PC Graphics Settings Have Been Revealed

Quantum Break is definitely one of the most anticipated action games right now, and since we’re only a few days away from its official launch on April 5, its creators have decided to give the gaming community a glimpse of the title’s PC graphics settings. The reason behind this decision is probably to appease PC gamers who have been worried about a proper list of available settings, particularly since the game is being ported from the Xbox One. Fortunately, there are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to tweaking this game on the PC, which means that even those of you who have relatively modest rigs will probably be able to get decent framerates.

As you can see, PC gamers will be able to adjust the game’s resolution as well as turn on or off the title’s 30 FPS lock. Then there are the settings regarding shadow resolution, volumetric lighting, effects quality, global illumination, screen space reflections, screen space ambient occlusion, texture resolution and shadow filtering , all of which should help gamers achieve a decent mix between quality and performance. Naturally, reducing the resolution and the texture size will help out those who plan to run the game on graphics cards with 2GB of memory or less. It’s worth remembering that 2GB of VRAM is stated as a minimum for Quantum Break.