Quantum Break Will Receive a Large Graphics Patch This Week

Upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter game Quantum Break will be released for Xbox One consoles and Microsoft Windows on April 5, and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it. These days, certain outlets have the privilege of playing pretty much any AAA game before its official release, and fortunately for us, they often share their gameplay experiences via YouTube or other video sharing websites. The gameplay videos of Quantum Break that we’ve seen so far certainly look impressive, not just from a graphics point of view but also gameplay-wise. However, it looks like the game will actually look even better on its release day as it is about to receive a major patch sometime this week.

The patch will focus mainly on improving the title’s graphics, and since this is going to be an exclusive DirectX 12 experience, we can definitely expect great things. Even though the company behind Quantum Break has stated that it will not be releasing any DLC for it, the developers already have some ideas on how to expand the universe and its storyline. Obviously, all of this is going to depend on how the game will be received. Below you will find a gameplay video of Quantum Break released by Angry Centaur Gaming. The announcement regarding the upcoming graphics patch was made at the 4:18 mark.