Quantum Break to Require Internet Connection

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Quantum Break is set to be one of the biggest games to grace Windows 10 this year, and with the game using directX 12 (DX12) you will have to buy it through the app store. This may be a problem for some as those who purchased the rather silently released Gears Of War Ultimate Edition found that the game was more than lacking in terms of performance and stability. It may come as a shock to some then that the next nail in the Windows 10 gaming experience is the constant online connection that you will require for Quantum Break.

Why is this a big deal you may ask? The problem people will have with this is that the game is a single player game, requiring an online connection means that should your internet drop out or you want to play on the go you won’t be able to. The reason given by Microsoft is  that you will require a high-speed internet connection to enjoy the cutscenes in the game, which is considered story heavy.

It was recently revealed that the Xbox One version of the game will be 44.09GB in size, a whole 8GB more than the 36.18GB. It now seems that the size difference is because Xbox one will be downloading the video content as well, requiring only PC gamers to have a constant online connection. With the Xbox One video being limited to 1080p video files, a mere shade of the 4K content the PC will enjoy, some people will argue that for a single player game, downloading the video at a lesser quality may be worth saving the hassle of an always online connection.

First a bad release for Gears Of War and now the news that always online single player games are Microsoft’s hope for Windows 10 games, are you likely to pick up the game and if so do you think that Microsoft has done the right thing?

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4 Comments on Quantum Break to Require Internet Connection

  • Avatar COMMICZAR says:

    Steam . ubisoft always seem to open up when their games are loading , so they are always running in the background anyway, Fail to see a major problem with Windows doing the same , or am I missing a major point ?

    • Avatar huggi says:

      You can still start Steam in offline mode when you don’t have an internet connection whereas for this, it looks like it breaks the game.

    • Avatar TH3 C4P'n says:

      Most Origin and Ubi titles will run in offline mode within Origin or Uplay, with the software merely being an overlay like Steam.
      This was a major gripe a few years ago with some games requiring constant online checks (AC2, Mass Effect and Bioshock, if i remember correctly)
      Whilst it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, it is irritating, from a PC gaming perspective, to have these limitations or restrictions in place, whilst console games can be traded, borrowed & bought second hand without penalty.
      And please don’t use the piracy argument, because we all know that there is no solid evidence that these restrictions lead to an increase in sales.

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