Quanta Computer Rumored To Make the New 12.9-inch iPad

According to Digi Times, Quanta Computer has reportedly booked orders for the new large-sized Apple iPad rumored large-size iPad that should come out in Q2 2014. Quanta has obviously denied the rumors.

Apple has been separating its orders among multiple ODMs recently and has given some of its iPad and iPhone orders to Compal Communications and respectively Wistron. Also, Inventec, Quanta and Foxconn Electronics are rumored to be competing over Apple’s iWatch orders.

Quanta is expected to encounter several challenges in terms of industrial design and assembly when making the large-size iPad. And since the size is not the mainstream specification, order volumes are expected to be limited. Digi Times‘s sources also tell that Apple’s large-size iPad will mainly target the education and enterprise markets.

The iWatch pilot production has also been given a go, however mass production is said to have been postponed from Q1 to Q2 2014.

Thank you Digi Times for providing us with this information