Qualcomm Looks to Acquire AMD

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We all know that AMD is struggling in the current market place, NVIDIA keeps crushing every graphics card they release and Intel are so efficient with releasing more powerful processors that AMD are just running in circles. Intel release on a Tick Tock schedule, while AMD seem to produce on a Tick….tick….tick broken clock schedule. They used to be the top company in both fields; however things have changed, badly.

Another of AMDs sub-divisions is the server sector, probably not what AMD is most well known for, but they are there and a formidable force. Well it seems that Qualcomm wants a slice of the action and are poised to go into talks to buy out the struggling technology giant.

It’s currently unknown whether Qualcomm is looking to purchase just the server side to help itself or if it is looking to purchase the whole company. If Qualcomm was looking at a complete buy-out, it would only need a relatively small $3billion, a fifth of Qualcomms cash position.

With the buy out, we could see more powerful mobile phones to play games on thanks to the integrated graphics of the APU range, or better and high turn over processors thanks to Qualcomms Snapdragon division.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this buy-out would benefit everyone involved or could this be the end of AMD? Let us know in the comments.

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10 Comments on Qualcomm Looks to Acquire AMD

  • Avatar snorlis says:

    I really dont like this because then Nvidia wont have a competitor and then they could charge a lot of money for their products and they could just not realise any products. Sorry if i typed some thing wrong.

  • Avatar carol argo says:

    I love the idea, given Qualcomm doesn’t have gpu know ,how ,ati and could help a lot,as for CPU ,bof put it in the freezer since Qualcomm pretty much own that in smartphone,ati is the main gain for Qualcomm .the rest ?bof resell it

    • Avatar mb says:

      Qualcomm already bought a part of ATi’s graphics division years ago

    • Avatar 63Jax says:

      …and intel and nvidia remain the only ones and undisturbed by competition, omg, NO!

      • Avatar carol argo says:

        Oh!probably because Intel and nvidia have little to compete versus Qualcomm.intel could easily tho.(if they could grab window mobile 10) sadly it look MS is too late,google spread made its move with Intel.

  • Avatar Incognito Jay says:

    I don’t care at all about mobile. I just want to see some real competition for nVidia. It took the GPU market awhile catching up to viable 4k gaming, if you want 60 fps at decent settings even with no anti-aliasing you’ll need a GTX 980 Ti at least, and that’s the same price as a Fury X and even has more VRAM than it.

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