Qualcomm Cancels 4K Smart TV Chip, Cites Weak Demand

Qualcomm has announced that it will not be putting the Snapdragon 802 processor into commercial production. The Snapdragon 802 was a quad core processor designed to stream and process 4K content for Smart TVs. The chip was expected to bring a robust app experience and extensive multi-tasking support to the table. Yet the Snapdragon 802 will not see the light of day because Qualcomm thinks the demand for (4K) Smart TVs is too small to be commercially viable, or as they phrased it demand is “smaller than anticipated”.

Qualcomm says that the decision to scrap the Snapdragon 802 does not affect other products Qualcomm are shipping in the same segment. There is still strong demand for smart TVs in general, just not at 4K, so we should expect Qualcomm to stay actively involved in developing Smart TV chips.

Image courtesy of Engadget, Via Engadget