QPAD Launches 8K Optical Gaming Mouse

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QPAD has listened to their users feedback and completed their 8K family of mice with a new optical gaming mouse. Optical gaming mice are the preferred mice of most gamers at the moment and QPAD couldn’t leave that spot open.

The new QPAD 8K Optical features RGB lighting with 16.8 million colours so you can customize it to fit the rest of your PC setup while the five-finger-grip design allows for great control even in hectic gaming situation that can make or break the match. In it to win.



At the heart of this mouse, you’ll find a gaming-grade optical sensor with up to 5000 true CPI and the whole thing is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor to optimize the tracking performance. It comes with pre-mounted QPAD Glidz mouse feet, and it has seven programmable buttons for profiles, sensitivity, shortcuts, keys and macro recordings.

The optical sensor has quite some power and you can move the mouse up to 3.3 meters per second without losing tracking abilities. The sensor pictures the surface with a shutter speed of 6,500 frames per second covering an area of 900 pixels per frame. This generates 5MB of data per second and that is why it comes with its own built-in processor.

With the zero-mouse acceleration, you got a true one-to-one relationship between your movement of the mouse on your surface and the mouse cursor on the screen.


The mouse doesn’t need any drivers to work and comes with 128 kB onboard storage for your profiles and setup, no matter where you take the mouse. QPAD also created a new feature packed software for their mice to control and adjust the settings, from colour setup to macro editor and sensor tweaking.

The two main keys, the left and right mouse button, are built with Omron switches that can handle up to 20 million clicks and have a distinct feedback.

QPAD’s new 8K Optical will become available this month for a recommended selling price 69€.

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