QNAP TurboNAS TS-869 Pro 8-Bay NAS Review

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Our first look at the TS869 Pro gives a slight sense of deja vu over the smaller TS-419P II that we looked at earlier in the year and in essence they’re both the same chassis, with this effectively being a stretch version of with twice the drive bays. Naturally there are a couple of smaller features that are different, but this is to be expected when you get a bigger and slightly updated NAS.

To the top right of the front panel is the blue lit LCD hidden behind the smoked plastic front. Next to the display are two button for scrolling through the OSD and menu.

Above the first and second drive bays are the four system LEDs, on for its current status and then LAN, USB and eSATA activity.

The eight drive bays run along with the first drive to the left of the NAS and the last on the right hand side. Each of the drive trays are labelled corresponding to their drive bay in order to help keep things organised. A new feature that we see here over the TS 419P II is the inclusion of drive locks to prevented unauthorised removal of individual drive trays.

Looking inside the drive bays, we can see the eight pairs of rails that the trays run in and at the back, the PCB with all the SATA headers on. Looking further, we can just get a glimpse of the two fans that keep the system cool.

Round at the back of the NAS, the main bulk of the case is taken up by grills for the two system fans. Starting at the top, we find the PSU and its fan and a Kensington lock to the left, then down the right we have HDMI, VGA, a system reset button hole, two USB3.0, four USB2.0, two gigabit ethernet and two eSATA ports.

With the cover to the system removed, in the top nestled above the drive bays we find a 350W PSU with an 80 Plus Bronze rating.

Tucked into the far left hand side of the chassis is the motherboard for the system. Powered by an Intel Atom 2.13GHz Dual core CPU, the system also features 1GB of pre-installed RAM that can be upgraded to 3GB and a 512MB DOM boot module.

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