QNAP Turbo NAS TS-453 Pro 4-Bay Enthusiast and SMB NAS Review

Setup – There is more, Add-Ons & External Devices

By now there are too many QNAP apps available that increase the functionality of the NAS, that it’s impossible to list them all. This is just a small part of the available apps.

HybridDesk Station

HTPC with XMBC, Kodi, Chrome, FireFox, YouTube, Spotify, Surveillance Station and QTS Management, TuneInRadio, Clementine, DeaDBeeF, and even games such as OpenTTD, Supertux, and Wesnoth.

All it takes to install it is hitting opening up the menu and pressing confirm after having unselected the features you don’t want. It will download and install all the apps one after another and after a short wait you’ll be ready to enjoy your NAS’ power directly on your TV or HDMI enabled monitor.

Once everything is installed, you’re ready to go. You can disable and uninstall individual parts at any time, should you not need them or fear a conflict with another app.

External Devices

If you’re logged into the dashboard while connecting a USB device, the QTS system will prompt you with a popup how to handle the drive, much like the autorun question you’re used to on your Windows based system. You can also check on devices at the top of the dashboard at any time.

For more information about connected drives, visit the External Device page where you can control storage, printers, and UPS devices.