QNAP Launches New QVR 5.1 Firmware for VioStor NVR Series

QNAP is mostly known for the Turbo NAS lineup, but they also have a very impressive NVR lineup with their NVR series and that series just got a firmware upgrade to QVR 5.1, reinforcing the QVR client and featuring Qdewarp, virtual camera, region-of-interest, view Management, and more.

On of the first things that you have to do when you get a new device like the QNAP VioStor NVR devices is to install it and that just got a whole lot easier with this new firmware. There is no need for a PC anymore as you can use the built-in USB and HDMI ports to connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor and install it directly. QVR 5.1 brings a truly PC-less surveillance solution not only for video live-view and playback but also for system configuration and surveillance settings.

“Designed with users in mind, QVR 5.1 offers numerous highly-anticipated features that are essential to meet the growing needs for 4K cameras and more complex surveillance environments,” said Alan Kuo, product manager of QNAP. “We especially spread the idea of ‘flexible monitoring view’ into many of the new features, allowing users to have customized surveillance tools for their daily, important surveillance tasks.”

An endless task for both the manufacturers of these devices, but certainly also the users, is to keep up with the ever-changing browser plug-ins and their rights of usage. Many mainstream web browsers stop supporting plug-ins that video monitoring depend on. QNAP allows real-time monitoring and video playback on PC without using a web browser thus eliminating the problem and the experience should now be smoother than ever.

Not limited to vendor-specific dewarping modes, Qdewarp technology provides 11 dewarping modes for various monitoring applications. The advanced virtual camera setting allows users to attain 4 more monitored areas cropped from higher resolution footages. No additional camera licenses are required, and users can view the virtual camera as an independent channel with other camera channels in the same view. In remote monitoring, the ROI feature allows users to select 5 or 7 split regions in a single stream to focus on while eliminating unnecessary space. All of the monitoring views can be displayed in a layout customized by the users, providing more flexibility and comfort to surveillance management. Dual recording allows storing both higher and lower resolution video streams for further use. Users who have lower or restricted bandwidth availability can conveniently select suitable videos for playback using the multi-channel display mode.

You can check the compatibility with your QNAP VioStor NVR and download the new firmware on the official website.