Proxy Trick Allows P.T. Download from PSN

While Hideo Kojima moves on to pastures new after severing his ties with Konami, a relic of his prior associations thought consigned to the virtual dustbin has been resurrected; P.T. (or Playable Teaser), the PlayStation 4 demo to Kojima’s aborted collaboration with Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro Silent Hills, was pulled from PlayStation Network during Kojima’s quiet feud with Konami, followed soon after by confirmation that the game was dead. It was assumed that P.T. had been removed from the servers entirely, but it seems only that access to download it was restricted.

How do we know this? Because an industrious user of Indonesian game site Gamexeon has found a method of downloading the demo from PSN. Want to find out more?

Disclaimer: We at eTeknix cannot vouch for the integrity of the following method. The evidence available suggests that it is successful and risk-free, but anyone who follows the instructions below does so at their own risk. Sony prohibits the use of third-party apps with its systems, so using this method may either void the warranty of your PlayStation 4, or result in some kind of PSN ban, though there is no history of Sony issuing such a ban. Also, as this method becomes public knowledge, sooner or later Sony and/or Konami will find a way to counter it. We cannot guarantee that, at the time of writing, this method still works.

How to download P.T. for PS4 (English version via Gamexeon user orangelupa):

On Windows PC:

On PS4:

  • Go to NETWORK settings.
  • Select CUSTOM, then keep choosing AUTO.
  • On PROXY screen, choose USE and type your proxy IP address with PORT 808.
  • Complete the network setting.

Download P.T. (Silent Hills) on PS4:

  • Go to DOWNLOAD notification.
  • If P.T. download error was there, press OPTIONS then DELETE (if its not there, you are OK).
  • Go to LIBRARY
  • Choose P.T. and DOWNLOAD.

Voila! Now you are re-downloading P.T. Have fun getting terrified!


This app only works for US + EU P.T.

As you probably already guessed, this app was originally made in 2011 as a generic proxy. I already forgot how to make it, luckily I made it very modular so i can modify it to work for P.T. So it won’t get any Installer UI updates but I still can update its functions.