PowerColor Radeon R9 390X DEVIL 13 Pictured

Computex is going on and hardware manufacturers are busy showing off their newest products from all categories surrounding our PCs, and sometimes something gets released a little too early. This time we get pictures of what very well could be the new AMD R9 390X from Powercolor, equipped with the hybrid cooling solution dubbed the DEVIL 13.

While we can’t fully confirm that this actually is the R9 390X, it most likely is. TweakTown was the first to post the pictures and other outlets quickly picked up on the card too. The design might not be the final one as the launch of this specific card is still some time away, but it still gives us a great view on it.

The card has an 8-pin and 6-pin power connector as well as a black backplate to stabilize the card and give it a great look.

The PowerColor R9 390X DEVIL 13 is far from a slim or small card and it actually exceeds the 2 slots height with its beefy cooler. It still comes with an external radiator that has to be mounted to your chassis.

We know by now that the new AMD Radeon R9 390X card will come with 8GB memory and that it will be presented on the 16th during E3. We could also reveal the possible MSRP pricing earlier today.

I am ready for AMD’s new graphics cards and tired of waiting. Bring it on.

Thanks to TweakTown and Videocardz for providing us with this information.