PowerColor goes green once again!

Two green graphics cards

PowerColor are making a statement that nVidia aren’t the only ones who care about being eco-friendly, ATI can be green too, why not I say?

We keep seeing messages from our governments to buy energy saving light bulbs, and cars with less CO2 emissions. So why shouldn’t computer components follow suit?

nVidia started the fad with their Geforce 9600 and 9800GT Green editions, as well as the introduction of Hybrid SLI. Their competitor (ATI) wanted to show that they can be as friendly to our environment too.

To do this, PowerColor has re-launched two graphics cards that will be segmented into their Go! Green series. The first two cards to adopt this will be the HD 4350 SCS and 4650 SCS3 cards.

To help aid in cooling these cards, they will be fitted with PowerColor’s famous SCS passive coolers. nVidia’s competitive 8400GS and 9500GT models are said to use 24 and 38 percent more power than ATI’s offerings.

Specifications of the new, more friendly cards include having 512MB of DDR2 memory at a speed of 800MHz and a GPU clock speed of 600MHz. Not bad for an eco-friendly set of cards.


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