Possible New QWERTY Nokia Phone

Nokia informed us today on their blog that they have an announcement for us! Though we can’t tell exactly what it is in the photo above, to me it appears to be a cell phone with a QWERTY style keyboard.  Lucky for us we wont have to wait long to find out what they have in store for us!

On Wednesday morning 7 A.M. GMT (8 A.M. UK Time) Nokia will be showing us a new product. Since they will be having Neil Broadly from the Nokia Mobile Phones team showing off the new product we can naturally assume that it will be a new cellular phone. Based on the time that they will be giving the announcement it will most likely be a European released phone. After the announcement there will be a special Q&A session with Broadly and a unannounced “Special Guest”. Would CEO Stephen Elop show up for such an event?

Only showing us the edges of what appears to be a bright yellow chassis for a cellular phone, we are only able to speculate what this device will have in store for us, and with Nokia’s track record, we can only expect the very best. How indestructible can they make a smart phone though?

With such short notice this new device most likely wont be a high-end product, though we can always hope! We were only able to get a date, time, and a small image, not a name, a product type, or anything else, so everything is left up to the mind to try to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

What do you think they will be showing us? Will they be showing us the hottest new phone of 2013? Or will they be showing us something else? Let us know in the comments below!