Portable USB Wall Charger Roundup

Noontec Powa HUB

You could call this the ‘big daddy’ of the roundup – providing users with five total USB ports rated at a simultaneous output of 10A combined. Doing the math, this means a full setup with ensure each unit will charges at a speedy 2A each, giving you around double the speed of most factory charging units and four times the offering of your standard computer USB port.

Integrated with their self-designed ‘Smart Charge’ technology, this product is said to identify which units require more power output to be supplied, prioritizing power-hungry devices (such as tablets) to help charge them quickly and efficiently – even if all five ports are being used.  If you’ve got one device plugged in, their official website claims a maximum of 3.0A charging output – meaning you’re going to be able to watch your battery percentage rise at a rapid rate.

Priced at $23.99 when seen on Amazon.com, we pick Noontec’s Powa hub to be the best of the bunch – as long as you’ve got the space to accommodate the slightly larger design of 26.5mm x 94.5mm x 60mm, we think it’s worth the extra investment.

Complete with an extended power cable, the Noontec Powa Hub certainly isn’t the product for you if you’re after something extremely cheap with extra portability – however you can’t go past this offering when looking at a great all-round product. Not only does this device give you the largest amount of USB ports, it’s able to prioritize though Smart Charge and looks great too.

To help you judge the size of each model, we will be comparing them next to a standard Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with a thin silicone case.