Portable USB Wall Charger Roundup

Arctic Home Charger 4500

Also providing four charging ports to the consumer, the Arctic Home Charger 4500 is named so due to its claimed offering of 4500 mA (4.5A) total output. Two of the ports are labeled as “fast charge ports for all USB devices”, whereas two others are named “Fast Charge Ports for Tablets, iPhones, iPads and most Smartphones”. It seems that the smartphone and tablet offerings will give you a 2A output, whereas the first two we mentioned are most likely going to be 1A or similar – as seen similarly though the Patriot offering.

Rated at 86% efficiency, the Arctic Home Charger 4500 comes in at an extremely cheap $14.99 USD when purchased through Amazon’s online portal and mirrors that of an 80 PLUS Silver rated power supply.

As with almost all wall-chargers, all four ports can be used at the same time simultaneously – even though it’s a much smaller offering than Patriot’s Fuel Station Mini. Coming in at 48mm (H) x 53mm (W), 75mm (L), Arctic’s offering is the smallest we’ll cover today and our choice if you’re tight on space.

Given all the information above, we’d rate the Arctic Home Charger 4500 as the premium option when it comes to a personal-charging device. Due to the ports being squished within a confined space, you might have some issues plugging and unplugging singular devices, however, if you’re looking for advanced portability – this device wins hands-down either way.

Even the box is tiny – taking a look at the image above, there would be not much of an issue transporting the charger located within its original box – this is due to the total package not including any kind of carry-case for use.

Another point to make is that the Arctic Home Charger 4500 doesn’t come with any external extended cable – the wall-socket plug is located within the device. This is a major plus for portability and compact design, however if you’re at a hotel with the all-too-common issue of hard-to-reach power points, you’re likely to have a bad time. Even more annoying is the fact that the charging port on this cable is complete static. This means that it won’t fold or hide out of the way when not in use, plus it’s completely non-adjustable when your devices are charging. This means that tight spaces are going to certainly be your worst nightmare.

To help you judge the size of each model, we will be comparing them next to a standard Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with a thin silicone case.