Pornography To Be Blocked In United Kingdom By End Of 2013

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If you don’t like porn then this really won’t matter to you, but if you do like porn this might send you into an uproar. To clarify before I begin, I want to give you a short, and simple definition of porn.

Pornography: Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity.

Earlier today the BBC reported on Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that all UK Internet Service Providers will be blocking online porn later this year.

Though if you still want to be able to access your favorite pornographic websites, it seems all you will need to do is ask by the end of this year. If you currently have internet services, your ISP will contact you and ask if you want to have adult rated material blocked. All new customers will automatically have the filters in place. This will be affecting 95% of all homes which are online.There will also be a ban on possessing online porn depicting rape.

The idea behind banning porn, is to keep innocent children from the prying eyes of children. With these new laws in place, it will help block illegal materials, and ensure streaming pornography videos will have the same rules as porn sold in sex shops. And help keep the smut out of reach of any old Joe. Of course this will not block all porn entirely, and many people will still find a way to view porn. Perhaps hotline servers will become popular again.

The Prime Minister wants to have porn blocked from public Wi-Fi Networks, and wherever children are likely to be present. Personally, I do not have any issues with blocking porn, I do feel that it should be accessible to adults that want to access the content though. Blocking sites that have pornography on them, or have adult content could make the internet a more difficult place to gather information, or even access.

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8 Comments on Pornography To Be Blocked In United Kingdom By End Of 2013

  • Avatar Craig Steven Beverley says:


  • Avatar Sepiaa says:

    “… is to keep innocent children from the prying eyes of children.”

  • Avatar Celcius says:

    I think its a bit more than just porn itself. The fact that you can ask your provider not to block it is something which already shows you up in a list – this is really hitting on privacy, and if parents aren’t ready to get educated about HOW to block such things, it shouldn’t be up to the ISP or anyone else other than the PARENTS to block these things – Hell, ISP’s even provide equipment with site blockers and I’m sure they’ll be happy to show you how to tweak the thing to your expectations.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Well that’s their intention but there are bound to be ways around it. I’m not too sure they’ll be able to pull it off successfully. Although I have no problems with porn being blocked, I feel it’s the parents duty to control the “children’s prying eyes”, not the government. They waste more than enough money already.

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Nothing can really be ‘blocked’ in internet. 😉

  • Avatar DERP says:

    Bitch please david cameron proxy servers ahoy !

  • Avatar Izaros says:

    Let me guess virgin media will be the first to get on that shit, the same as they were one of the first to block pirate bay and kickasstorrents, apparently YIFY and EZTV are being blocked in UK, does this mean VPN`s and ip masking will have to be used a lot more now? Sure seems like a waste of money to me.

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