PNY Has Launched a New Duo-Link USB Flash Drive

PNY Technologies announced the launch of the Duo-Link OTG USB Flash Drive today, available in both 16GB and 32GB capacities. The micro-sized, cap-less swing design of the Duo-Link OTG USB Flash Drive holds both a micro-USB connector and a USB connector that allows users to easily transfer media and files to and from an Android device and PC.

The On-The-Go USB Flash Drive can connect to an Android mobile device and PC or laptop. The Micro-USB connector easily plugs into any Android device while the USB connector plugs directly into any available USB port. The built-in Micro-USB connector allows you to quickly transfer or store music, photos, movies, videos, files and more. Users can also play music or videos directly from the new PNY Duo-Link. The flash drive was designed to free up space on an Android phone and/or save files from a PC or laptop onto the phone. The cap-less, all-in-one design is small enough to connect to an Android device for portable on the go usage.


  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Storage Capacities: 16GB & 32GB
  • Weight: 0.02LB
  • Product Dimensions: 30mm x 10mm x 5mm

PNY offers a one-year warranty on all their USB Flash Drives and that includes the Duo-Link OTG. The drives are available now for purchase at select e-tailers, retailers,, and through authorized PNY distribution partners. At the time of writing, the 16GB model is listed for $14,99 and the 32GB model for 24.99 on PNY’s own website.

Thank you PNY for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of PNY.