PlayStation Now Leaked Images Reveal Beta Launch Titles and Pricing

PlayStation Now is a Sony service revealed at CES 2014 and will be released this summer. Until then, Sony started a PlayStation Now closed beta having only a limited number of people in North America invited for the Beta testing of the service.

Though the Beta was under strict non-disclosure agreements, that did not stop some folks to release leaked images about what is going on in the Beta testing. The platform is still in its early days, however a list of games and the pricing has been revealed through the leaks.

The images leaked from the Beta testing contain two rows which are displaying the PlayStation Now launch titles along with the price located at the bottom of the image. It is said that the $49,99 price could be for one year of PlayStation Now membership.

Sony has yet to confirm anything in regard to the PlayStation Now launch titles and pricing, so do consider the possibility of the images being fake. The image shown containing the games however are included in the official list of PlayStation Now launch titles, tough it might just be a Beta thing. Until Sony releases any official information about this, rumors are all that we can get.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of WCCF