PlayStation 4 Operating System And Interface Trailer Have Been Leaked

YouTube user ArekkzG seems to have gotten his hands on a new trailer from Sony and has leaked it a little early. In the video we see the PlayStation 4 video interface and while I’m certain many of the scenes have been shortened (such as his download rate), it does give us a great demonstration of the consoles interface and how it is all going to work.   I don’t doubt that this is legit either, it quite clearly is the official trailer for the OS.


I think it looks pretty good personally and while it is clearly influenced my modern social networks I feel that is a wise move given more people spend time on Facebook than most anywhere else and a familiar setting would no doubt work well. I really like the quick download features and being able to play and download at the same time, something that PC gamers have enjoyed for years and something that has been sorely missing from consoles.

What are your thoughts on the OS, what do you love / hate about it?

Thank you IGN for providing us with this information