PlayStation 4 Gets New Hack That Allows Users to Install Pirated Games

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As security measures and tech advances, so do methods to take them down or work around them. This is the case for a new hack recently discovered for Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles, which allows users to install pirated games on their consoles.

Reports say that the hack might be coming from a Russian Website that Brazilian retailers use to install games on customers’ PS4 consoles, charging between $100 and $150 for 10 games and $15 for extra games, should they choose to get more than 10.

Sony was faces with a similar hack for its PS3 consoles, but the method used on the PS4 appears to be different. Unlike the PS3 hack which required users to have a modified firmware to allow installation and play of pirated content, the PS4 version seems to use some sort of NAN/BIOS cloning that will keep Sony scans from shutting you down.

The war on piracy has been raging on for ages now, but there’s still a long way to go before it will end (if ever). However, though it has been mentioned before, it is useless to use a lot of funds to try to take down piracy methods due to the fact that other ones will just crop up in their place again. Nevertheless, Sony will not turn a blind eye to this hack and will eventually find a way to plug it as it did with the PS3.

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5 Comments on PlayStation 4 Gets New Hack That Allows Users to Install Pirated Games

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Finally a use for my PS4. Bought on launch day, played about 10 minutes of some shooting game that it came with. Since then nothing has interested me, and it’s just sat there… All the best games are multiplatform, and whilst I would buy for the better graphics/cpu/etc. I tend to use my consoles more for media centers and watching TV, something the XONE is leagues ahead with. For everything else, I’ve got my PC with dual (CF) 295X2.

    • Avatar Joel Little says:

      First of all, this isn’t something the average PS4 user can do. It requires two PS4s, a Raspberry Pi (or similar device), and probably soldering knowledge, among other things.
      Second of all, if nothing interests you, then why do you care about a possible piracy method? Are games going to suddenly become more interesting because they’re free? After all, all the best games are multiplatform. Don’t say “I would totally buy the games” if you have yet to play any game more than 10 minutes, and haven’t been interested in doing so until a possible piracy method appeared. Enjoy using your $400 console as a media center instead of buying a $60 blu-ray player.

      • Avatar Wayne says:

        This kind of thing interests me as down the line there are games that are just unobtainable to the UK market (mainly JRPG’s) and other obscure titles that this would open the floodgates to.
        Your point is valid, and perhaps my gross exaggeration diluted my post somewhat. As last of us remastered was great fun, and I enjoyed the resident evil tech demo… But this is exciting nonetheless?
        Also it wasn’t $400, closer to $1000. Whatever I don’t care, I work hard… So p(l)ay hard!

  • Avatar DABhand says:

    “Sony was faces with a similar hack”

    Seriously proof read stuff.

  • Avatar Alex Jr says:

    That did not take long.

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