Photographer Sues Pinterest Over Pirated Images

Christopher Boffoli, a photographer in Seattle, is sick of his photos being used illegally. So sick, in fact, that he’s suing anyone who does so. He has already filed lawsuits against Google and Twitter, which were settled out of court, and now he’s turned his sights to image sharing site Pinterest.

In the lawsuit filed last week, Boffoli accuses Pinterest of hosting 56 images from his “Big Appetites” photo series without permission, and the site has refused all takedown notices he has issued. The suit reads, “Upon discovering the Infringing Content, on August 19, 2014 Boffoli sent Pinterest’s designated agent an email notifying Pinterest of the Infringing Content.”

“To date, Pinterest has not removed or disabled access to the Infringing Content. In other words, the Infringing Content is still accessible to the public on Pinterest’s server,” say Boffoli’s lawyers.

Boffoli’s most recent lawsuit was against Imgur. The case was dismissed on Monday, leaving Imgur unaccountable.

Source: Torrent Freak