Phoneception: Charge Your Phone with Your Friends

Have that one friend who is always mooching from you? Well, time to add to that list of things that are mooched, as a new Indeiegogo campaign is raising money for a double-headed microUSB cable that will charge one phone using another phone. Named the Juicer, this device might be your best friend, or the bane of that one person who you always hate to see.

Sporting a very simple design, plug the end with the green dot into the device you will be using to charge, and the end with the red dot into the device needing charging. The makers of the Juicer are hoping to raise %65,000 via Indiegogo to finalize the design and start production. Surprisingly, that large goal doesn’t equate into a massive price, as a simple $10 gets you access to one of the first units when they become available, hopefully  this August. Even if they do debut a little late, with the ever-increasing use of phones and tablets, users alike will gladly wait for this, rather than carrying that bulky wall charger.

Source: Gizmodo