This Phone Charger Aims to Bring K.I.T.T. From Knight Rider Into Your Car

Take your car back to the ’80s, in K.I.T.T. style! ThinkGeek, the popular retailer that sells all kinds of cool geeky stuff, has added this cool USB phone charger to its list.

The phone charger is said to speak similar to K.I.T.T. from the popular ’80s TV show, Knight Rider, and it actually looks like the real thing. If you’ve seen the TV show, then you know straight away what I’m talking about.

From a technical perspective, the USB phone charger connects to any 12V power socket inside your car and comes with 2 USB ports. The manual also says that it can charge almost any electronic device, so you’re not restricted to use it only to charge your phone.

To add the K.I.T.T. flavor, its designers made the box play 11 different phrases from the TV show, including “If it weren’t for me you’d be walking” and “If you’ll permit me, I have a solution”. In addition to the latter, the phone charger lights up in different volumes, depending on the responses.

The K.I.T.T. style USB charger is said to cost you $29.99 and if you like to see more details, head on over to ThinkGeek’s website. So are you thinking of buying it? Let us know!

Thank you Daily News for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Cemetery Games