Pharell Wants to Play Dancing Man’s Part, Along With 1700 Women!

The internet has been buzzing recently, not about the colour of that stupid dress, I am of course talking about Dancing Man! After a cruel social media post, Cassandra Fairbanks of California set out on a counter campaign to find the Dancing Man to show him that not everyone in the world is a bully!

Through the power of social media, the post was shared thousands of times, read by millions and in the end Cassandra, a Free Thoughts Project activist, found Dancing Man, Sean, within just a few hours. Now he’s been invited to the party of his life. He’ll be the only man among 1700 beautiful women at a party in California who want to show him that he should never be ashamed of dancing.

Now celebrities are getting in on the action, only settings up to make this a night he’ll never forget. Pharell and Andrew W.K have expressed interest in playing at the party and now Moby has also offered to DJ for the evening; free of charge, of course.