Phanteks Launches Enthoo Mini XL Dual System Chassis

Phanteks newest chassis is anything but ordinary and I’m sure there will be quite a few among our readers that will consider this for their next built and if nothing else, at least imagine what kind of system they would like to build with it. The chassis is the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL and it is a super micro ATX chassis with room for two independent systems.

The compact Enthoo Mini XL has sandblasted aluminum faceplates with a matte finish and comes with a new RGB LED light system that wasn’t found in the previous Enthoo Primo chassis, and you have 10 colours to choose from. As mentioned above, the Enthoo Mini XL supports dual motherboard configurations, but that will require the PH-ITXKT_01 Mini XL ITX upgrade kit.

Despite the compact size, the Enthoo Mini XL features a lot of options. The PSU is mounted in its own chamber at the top back side for optimal cooling and the case also supports extensive water cooling support.It has a convenient pump bracket with preinstalled vibration dampeners, a PWM control hub that allows you to connect up to 7 fans to be controlled by PWM, 2 reservoir mounting locations, radiator side bracket, and dual rear fan exhaust.

The Enthoo Mini XL has so many features, it is tough to list them all in a proper fashion. Besides the great cooling support mentioned above, it also comes with features such as dual removable hard drive cages, Drop-N-Lock SSD Brackets, quick eject dust filters, LED control, a mod friendly structure with screws instead of rivets, and easy cable management.

For those who desire even more, the Mini XL has options for additional upgrades with extra kits. You can get the PH-LEDKT_M1 and PH-LEDKT_M2 internal ambient lighting systems that match with the exterior lighting, 2 extra slots for SSD Brackets with the PH-SDBKT_01, 2 locations for HDD upgrade with Phanteks HDD Bracket PH-HDDKT_01, and the previously mentioned dual motherboard upgrade using the PH-ITXKT_01 upgrade kit.

The Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL chassis will be available at most local retailers in January 2016 with a recommended retail price of £149.99 or €169.90. The PH-ITXKT_01 will cost another £22.99 and the PH-HDDKT_01 another £5.99. All prices with VAT included.