Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Midi-Tower Chassis Review

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Are you ready to have your mind blown? When I reviewed the Enthoo Evolv ATX, I thought it was a great chassis and worth every penny of the £139.99 price tag. The Pro M swaps out the aluminium for steel and plastic, changes the external design a little, but the interior is still every bit as great as and actually identical to the Evolv ATX, yet it only costs £59.99 from Overclockers UK. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the price until I wrote this section, I’d have guessed it was a little over £100!


The build quality on this chassis is premium throughout, sure they’ve used “cheaper” materials than the enthusiast grade Enthoo Evolv ATX, but they’ve not skipped on the finish, the features or anything really. The design is superb, with great support for enthusiast cooling solutions and while it may only come with a single 140mm fan pre-installed, this is really the kind of chassis you buy when you want to install your own cooling products.

There’s room for large water cooling radiators in the top and front, as well as a smaller one on the rear mount, dedicated fitting spaces for a reservoir, as well as pumps, so you shouldn’t have much trouble building a high-end custom loop. Those seeking an air-cooled solution will find room for 120/140mm fans while the perfect cable routing and management means that you’ll be able to build a clean system with unobstructed airflow.

It’s easy to get the kind of build you desire with this chassis. There’s room for plenty of storage, with modular drive bays in the front, lots of cooling hardware, high-end graphics cards, large PSUs and more; it’s unlikely you’ll run into

There’s really little else to say about this chassis, its build quality is great, is looks great and its price is an absolute bargain! If you buy a chassis for £60 that isn’t the Pro M, you would have to be crazy.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Room for long graphics cards
  • High-end water cooling support
  • Slide out top panel fan/radiator mount
  • Side panel window
  • PSU shroud
  • Fantastic cable routing
  • Modular storage


  • None

“Affordable is certainly this chassis most defining factor, but when it’s backed up with excellent build quality, component compatibility, and a stunning design, it quickly defines its self as one of the best chassis on the market today.”

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Midi-Tower Chassis Review

Thank you Overclockers UK for providing us with this sample.

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