Phantek Enthoo Mini XL Super Micro Tower Chassis Review

Complete System

The extra 2.5″ hard drive mounts are nice and easy to work with and the extra cable routing spaces will come in handy for getting everything connected.

The hard drive mount is a little odd, but it does free up a huge amount of space in the front of the chassis and makes cable management a lot easier, since the bulk of cables are already hidden out of sight.

Our Sapphire R9 270X graphics card is quite long, so we had to remove one of the hard drive bays to accommodate it.

From the front, the build does look a little strange, as there are a lot of blank surfaces on the interior of the chassis. Of course, this would look very different with water cooling as all that visible space in the bottom, rear and top of the chassis can be fitted with radiators.

With the hard drive bays removed, there’s room for the largest graphics cards on the market with lots of room to spare in the front for additional cooling. You’ll also notice here some cable routing holes on the right, perfect for those using the front visible 2.5″ drive mounts.

Cable routing is fantastic, especially with the PSU tucked out of sight. Although, I do wish they had used a flat-type USB 3.0 cable, as these thicker ones can be a little unwieldy at the best of times.

Lots of room for a dual GPU setup, but again, if you’re using a second graphics card you’re not going to get a radiator or large fans in the base of the chassis; you will still get some passive ventilation though.

This section here does look strange, but guess what we’re going to install there? The mini-ITX motherboard!

All panels back in place, the chassis does look stunning, but let’s not call it a day yet, as it’s time to take it to the next level!