Petition Launched To Get Google To Change YouTube Comments System Back is playing host to a new petition which is targeting Google’s recent YouTube comments modification. The petition is requesting that Google reverses its policy on forcing people to make Google+ accounts to use the YouTube comments system. The petition claims that forcing people to make Google+ accounts to use YouTube is “invading our social life to comment on a youtube video and trying to take away our anonymous profile”.

The petition claims that Google has suspended the accounts some users who have shared the YouTube comments petition. It is recommended by the petition that you use a different Google+ account to your main Google account in preparation for the fact Google might suspend your accounts. Of course if Google is caught and proven to be suspending accounts because of “dissent” towards their YouTube comments changes this will no doubt be more damaging than the negative reception to the new comments system itself.

Currently the petition has racked up 61,190 signatures at the time of writing. If you dislike the new comments system then you might want to consider signing it here. I myself actually think the new comments system is an improvement over the old one, though I agree that there should be some kind of mechanism to allow for anonymous comments. I think Google should revise the new comments system to include an anonymous option.  What do you think of the new YouTube comments system?

Image courtesy of YouTube”