PDP Official Universal Media Remote for PlayStation 4 Review

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Final Thoughts


Finding stock of this controller is providing a little tricky right now, as most UK stores are located on eBay and prices fluctuate constantly. currently, you’re looking at around £20-25 for one, but it’s worth shopping around as real UK stock becomes available.


It’s a simple bit of kit at heart, after all it’s just a remote control for your console, but I’m happy to say that’s a pretty great one overall. Working with it to watching a few movies on Blu-Ray, or through any of the available streaming services on the console was a breeze and a huge leap ahead of trying to use the ham-fisted functionality of controlling your media using official PlayStation controller; it is designed for gaming after all.

I’m honestly shocked that Sony didn’t launch the console with a remote controller on the market, it’s taken far too long to get one released and even then, it fell to PDP to step up and get the job done. Of course, it’s an officially licensed controller and it’s got all the features you could hope for, but that bitter taste of waiting for so long for this to be available will take a while to go away.

The build quality is great, the design is in keeping with official Sony hardware and added bonuses such as being able to control your TV and any other AV equipment with a single remote is a huge benefit. The price is just about right too, although if I could change anything about it, the inclusion of some cheap batteries to make it ready to use out of the box would be a welcome addition.


  • Good build quality
  • All the features you’ll likely ever need
  • Multi-device control
  • Easy to navigate
  • Native support in virtually all apps
  • The first officially licensed remote for the PS4


  • Limited availability (UK)
  • No batteries included

“PDP has done a great job with their new PlayStation 4 remote. It’s fairly straight forward design, but it has all the features you would expect and a few little bonus ones on top. If you use your PS4 as a multimedia hub, this is an absolutely essential purchase.”


PDP Official Universal Media Remote for PlayStation 4 Review

Thank you PDP for providing us with this sample.

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