PC Specialist Vanquish 270X System Review

A Closer Look

The aesthetic of the PC Specialist Vanquish 270X is very clean thanks to the use of Corsair’s 230T case.

At the top we find a couple of USB 3.0, the usual audio ports and power/reset buttons and LEDs.

The top of the case is open for ventilation, I think the case could benefit from a fan being placed up here to improve the exhaust of heat from the CPU heatsink. You can also see that the 230T is a bit of a finger print magnet, you’ll have a tough time keeping this clean.

Around the side there is a nice side panel window which shows off the CPU cooler, graphics card and power supply as well as the tidy cable management done by PC Specialist.

Around the back we find the I/O options for the Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3 motherboard and the Powercolor R9 270X. There’s also a 120mm rear exhaust fan to keep air moving throughout the case.

The opposing side panel has nothing of note on it except the grip area to slide the panels off, you must slide these panels towards the front of the case to get them off.

The base of the PC Specialist Vanquish 270X has four rubber feet and a dust filter for the PSU.

Internally the layout of the PC Specialist Vanquish 270X is nice and clean. All the cables are routed behind the motherboard tray and PC Specialist have done an excellent job of concealing the fairly colourful cables with the Corsair VS450 power supply. The overall build standard and job with cable management is fantastic and looks very professional.