Paypal Has Leaked the Date of This Year’s Steam Summer Sale

As of February 2015, Steam has 125 million active users and offers access to over 4,500 games. This makes it one of the world’s most popular internet-based digital distribution platforms, and its popularity seems to be increasing as the months go by. As most of you already know by now, the Steam Summer Sale is rapidly approaching, and the good news is that we now know exactly when it will arrive. During the Sale, many popular games will receive considerable discounts, with fresh deals surfacing every eight hours and even more deals coming out every 24 hours. Each sale also boasts a particular theme, but the one for the 2015 edition has not been announced yet.

According to PayPal, the event is scheduled to launch on June 11 and will last until June 21. The news comes via numerous reports, all of which are based on an email that was sent out to PayPal members. The email looks something like this:

Apparently, PayPal is making a habit out of leaking the dates for these important Steam events. In 2014, the date for the Winter Sale was also revealed by the same service.

What games are you hoping to get on the cheap this summer?

Thank you Dsogaming for providing us with this information.