Patriot Reveal New Lines Up Of Memory, Storage & Fuel+ Products At CES 2014

Our tour of the CES suites continues today as we have a look at what products are on show this year. Around their suite Patriot have got a variety of products ranging from system memory to USB hubs and power banks for mobile devices. Starting off with their peripherals and accessories we find a couple of USB3.0 hubs on display.

Now when it comes to USB hubs, there really is not that much to go into as after all it is little more than a hub. Patriot have two hubs on display – one which comes with an AC adaptor, making it ideal for charging your mobile devices from as seen above and a slimmer more portable unit that is bus powered. Both of these items naturally are fully backwards compatible, offer four SuperSpeed ports, LED status indicators and above all fill a gap in the market where most of the hubs available are solely USB2.0. Both items are available now and I expect both to be under the £10 barrier.

Moving over to Patroit’s bread and butter products; memory, we find a sample of their product lines on show ranging from OEM grade memory right up to their Viper performance modules as we’ve reviewed previously.

Alongside the full sized system memory we also have a couple of SODIMMs on show – one of which is new to their product lineup.

With many gaming laptops becoming more and more popular amongst power users and enthusiasts, it is surprising that there is not that many memory modules available on the market that is geared exactly for that type of user. Patriot however are stepping forward and have introduced a new set of SODIMMs to their product catalogue under the Viper line. When we look at how well the Viper 3 Mamba 2133MHz performed when I took it for a test spin in our review, I’ve got good hopes for this new set of modules and it will go perfectly with any gaming or workstation laptop.

Moving back over to the accessory side of things, power banks are a popular type of accessory between vendors this year. Fortunately Patriot were one of the early adopters into the power bank world so what we see on offer are units that have been tried, tested and improved over the last couple of years, bringing us to the latest generation of units such as the Fuel plus which offers up one of the larger capacities on the market at anything up to 9000mAh.

In addition to the Fuel+, Patriot also bundle in a Cosmos flash drive that allows for data to easily be transferred between a desktop or laptop system through USB and then the to the phone through a micro-USB port on the opposite end of the drive.

Since the launch of the Fuel+ line of power banks last year, Patriot have expanded the lineup with three more products and now in a whole range of colours to cater for every persons taste – including pink for the ladies…

Moving back over to the storage side of things, we find a whole host of flash drives and memory cards in varying designs, capacities and colours for every need and personality including the Cosmos with its dual USB & micro-USB ports for mobile devices.

The last items we find Patriot displaying around their packed suite are the Gauntlet and Aero external drive enclosures. The Aero, as seen below, is one of their products that I have taken a look at and with a capacity of up to 1TB, is ideal for those of us that want a massive amount of space for storing films and music for example when on the go.

Stay tuned as we have more coverage for you from this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.