Passive Cooled Powercolor HD 7850 Out Now

Powercolor has finally released their latest HD 7850 graphics card, a passively cooled and very stylish looking number that may be perfect for HTPC, or silent builds that don’t want to sacrifice on GPU performance.

The card if pretty well designed under the cooler too, with some high efficiency VRMs, Gold Power Kit PCB, Ferrite Core Choke and Solid Capacitors that should all add up to a really clean pull in terms of power usage and a really stable card overall. All this power management is backed up by their SCS3 passive cooler which features four 6mm heatpipes that feed that huge heatsink on the bottom of the card.

The card runs at stock but it still packs a fair amount of performance and given that it runs completely silent, that’s not a bad trade off.

  • PowerColor SCS3 HD7850 1GB GDDR5
  • Core Speed 850MHz
  • Memory Speed 1200MHz (4.8Gbps)
  • Memory 1GB GDDR5
  • Memory Interface 256 bit
  • Eyefinity Yes
  • DirectX 11.1
  • Output DL-DVI-I / HDMI / DisplayPort

Best of all, the card should be available at retailers from this week and should only set you back around $20/£20 over the standard card and that’s not a bad deal at all in my opinion.

Gaming at 0dB Noise Level

“The HD7850 strengths passive cooling solution with PowerColor patent G-shape heat pipes, which provides the same cooling effect as dual U-shape heat pipes, efficiently cooling down the temp. through enlarging the cooling surface. Also, armed with 6 X 6 ø heat pipes can easily dissipate the heat through the solid cooling based which fully cover GPU and key components, providing an absolutely silent and excellent cooling performance without any compromise. Furthermore, the HD7850 uses intensive and enormous surface of aluminum cooling fins can double the dissipation efficiency of heat away from copper based which fully covers GPU.”

Solid built with Gold Power Kit

“PowerColor SCS3 HD7850 is built by solid combination, the exclusive Gold Power Kit. PowerPAKSO-8 inside can provide stable voltage and high Peak Efficiency up to 82%; Ferrite Core Choke offers 33% extra power for GPU; Solid Capacitor secures 50,000 hours operating time. All these firm ingredients make PowerColor SCS3 HD7850 undefeated, and bring absolutely no-compromise gaming experience to every gamers.”