PAPAGO! P2 Pro Dashcam Review

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The usage of dash cams hasn’t boomed yet. It’s still some what in its infancy. There are many different versions that can be found on retailers like Amazon or Ebay that are really cheap and don’t really provide the necessary quality and feature sets to really make them relevant. But that’s about to change. Let me introduce you to Papago!.

Papago! has been in the GPS industry for over a decade. With all of the experience they’ve gained they have built a very strong following in countries like Taiwan, China, Russia, South East Asia, Japan, and Australia. And with their recent expansion into the United States they’re not only looking to follow others to bring another novelty dash cam into the market, they’re looking to dominate it.

Pulled directly from their website, “PAPAGO! Inc. has devoted itself to offering better services and driving technology for every consumer”. So let’s see how well they live up to that devotion.

Papago! was gracious enough to send us their P2 Pro Dash Cam. As you can see from the images below, the packaging is very simple and clean. No fancy marketing graphics. Just straight to the point.


Once the box is ripped open you can see that it includes the user manual, adjustable windshield mount, screws to secure the dash cam, power cable, and of course the dash cam itself.


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  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I hope it was the radio and not the unit emitting that dreadful cacophony thinly disguised as music in the 1st video clip:-) Nah. I’ll wait until these kind of things are properly integrated into the vehicle during manufacturing much like the GPS systems of today rather than having an unsightly blob stuck to the windscreen. That said, I still tend to use Google maps on my blower rather than the integrated GPS unit in my car.

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