Palit Super JetStream GTX 980Ti 6GB Graphics Card Review

Final Thoughts


The Palit Super JetStream GTX 980Ti 6GB graphics card is currently available from OverclockersUK for the completely absurd price of £539.99. In the US, it isn’t currently available from one of our recommended retailers, but prices are estimated to be $625.


There isn’t really much to say regarding the GTX 980Ti now, we know it is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the planet and with that it has cemented itself at the top of almost every enthusiast wish list. Palit has really made a great addition to the product line-up and it is definitely worth to Super JetStream branding.

The Super JetStream 980Ti follows a similar styling design to that of the rest of the GTX 900 series JetStream cards. It doesn’t feature the triple fan design iconic of Super JetStream models of old, but with the progression of newer nano processes being able to run cooler for longer; this means cooling solutions no longer need to be so big. This is extremely prevalent with NVIDIA GPU’s thanks to the low TDP and great reaction to even the most basic air cooling. The actual design itself is pretty basic, but Palit has managed to add a nice touch to the fans with the incorporated LEDs around the base of the fan that reflects well at night.

It performed amazingly, especially considering the price point of just £20 more expensive than the reference model. It just goes to show how much potential is contained within the Maxwell GM200 core, even though it is a cut-down version of the Titan X.

Overall, the graphics card is great and the only issue I can find is with the width of the cooling solution and the position of the angled piece that starts the extended width. This would not only prove difficult to fit inside slimmer cases, but also prevent the use of rigid SLI bridges if two of these cards were used together.

he Pros

  • Extremely quiet
  • Subtle styling and colour theme
  • Much better than reference performance
  • Great for higher resolution gaming
  • Not much more expensive than reference


  • The cooling shroud could be a tight fit in some smaller cases

“Palit has really nailed it with the Super JetStream 980Ti, offering great performance with an amazingly low price, making this one of the best graphics cards we’ve ever seen!

Palit Super JetStream GTX 980Ti 6GB Graphics Card Review

Thank you to Palit for providing this review sample.