Indie Developers Working on P.T. Spiritual Successor!

With the recent cancellation of Silent Hills, horror fans have been let down and disappointed, Silent Hills truly looked liked the horror game we have all been waiting for, but sadly in March of 2015, due to conflicts with Konami, the game was sadly cancelled.

However an indie developer has decided to start where Silent Hills left off not recreating the game but starting another game that heavily using the base of how the game looked and felt, from watching the short demonstration of the game it looks very promising the developer has done a very successful job of recreating the P.T look. The game has you exploring a British-based house and exploring and looking at items with things getting progressively more scary and eventually ending with the player being killed.

The project titled Allison Road will have a lot of expectation if it intends to take the place Silent Hills was in, Lilith Ltd is the six person team and has been developing the game since september only just weeks after the release of P.T.the trailer is intended to how off how the final game should look but note that this is a vertical slice and not the stuff you will see in the final version.

Do you think Alison Road can live up to the hype that Silent Hills did?

Thank you VG24/7 for providing us with this information