OverclockersUK RENDA Workstations Now Available

Overclockers are one of the top computer retailers in the UK, they’ve already won many awards for their incredible 8PACK gaming systems, and now they’re hitting the professional market with their new range of RENDA systems.

RENDA is a culmination of OCUK’s expertise and the high demand for ultra-high performance workstations. The systems come with a wide range of configurability options, which come with automatically calculated prices, so no waiting for a quote on your specialist system.

RENDA  will boast Overclockers UK’s  speciality on a range of Frequency Enhanced Workstations, tweaking the system for extra performance and horsepower ultimately giving a more efficient system to complete hardcore tasks.”

RENDA systems are named after rendering and NDA; highlighting the fact that these systems will be ideal for the most demanding tasks possible, while also using the latest and greatest hardware. Equipped with a choice of NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro graphics hardware, high performance ECC memory from Kingston Hyper X and high-end Asus motherboards.

“The Overclockers UK business team is available for companies or individuals interested in more information, which can be contacted business@overclockers.co.uk” said OCUK in a recent press release.

If you’re in an industry that requires high-performance computing, 3D design, sound/audio engineering and more, then RENDA is certainly worth looking into. All systems come with a five year warranty.

Thank you Overclockers for providing us with this information.