Overclockers UK Titan Dark Zone Gaming PC Review

Gaming Performance

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto V’s extraordinarily detailed open world environment and gorgeous visual effects makes it a superb choice to determine what kind of gaming experience is possible on various custom PCs. The Titan Dark Zone records breathtaking numbers even on a 2560×1440 monitor and provides a very fluid frame-rate.

Metro Last Light

Once again, the system attains a frame-rate well above 60 on a high-resolution display and doesn’t encounter any hitching, or sudden frame dips. As a result, it’s evidently clear how well the PC fares with graphically intense games and bound to please end-users with hefty expectations.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider’s stunning graphical fidelity and impressive optimization means the performance numbers are very high across systems with relatively modern hardware. Here we can see the Titan Dark Zone manages to uphold a frame-rate of 144 on a 1440P panel and create a faultless user-experience.

Bioshock Infinite

During the Bioshock Infinite benchmarking utility, the system attained superb numbers which cements its position as one of the fastest machines we’ve encountered.