Overclockers UK Titan Dark Zone Gaming PC Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

PC Mark 8

Rather unexpectedly, the system’s PC Mark 8 performance fell behind the Cyberpower Zeus Mini Evo I-970 despite having a significantly better graphics card and processor supporting hyperthreading. It’s not cause for concern because the gap isn’t substantial and a score over 5000 showcases the imperious level of performance in typical desktop tasks.


On a more positive note, the Titan Dark Zone’s factory overclocked GTX 980Ti is capable of producing staggering numbers in 3DMark which almost defies belief! This is the first instance any system has come close to surpassing a Fire Strike Extreme score of 8000 and sets a new target for competitors to achieve. Of course, a portion of this success is down to driver enhancements from NVIDIA but this shouldn’t detract from the astonishing results.

Unigine Heaven

The Titan Dark Zone’s performance in Heaven 4.0 is just as impressive and almost manages a score of 3000 using the Extreme preset. Granted, it’s not the top result with a DirectX9 render, but I’d always recommend focussing on DirectX11 numbers to properly gauge a system’s complex 3D capabilities.