Overclockers UK New Store Grand Opening

UK online retailer Overclockers UK (OCUK) have just moved a few miles up the road to a new warehouse as part of their expansion plans after they were literally bursting at the seams at the old site. The move itself went ahead a couple of weeks prior to the store opening as the team needed to get an entire warehouse full of stock moved, sorted and a new store front built. The new warehouse gives the company a whopping three times the floor space to play with and also the capability to add a second level when the time comes.

Getting your priorities right is always key and so the most valuable deliveries always turn up first.

Following a few more deliveries and shipments from the old warehouse, the racks are soon filling up with stock ready for buying.

After a few more deliveries, everything is ready to go. What we didn’t realise is how many cases OCUK turn around; over half of their floor space is taken up by them!

Moving onto Friday night, Mark Purdy (as seen below) and the team crack on to get the shop front ready for the onset of eager fans the following morning. What they didn’t bet on is how eager some fans are as one turns up at 9.30pm on the Friday night, eager to get the first dibs on what’s on offer. Mark and the guys kept him topped up with pizza and their OC Fuel for the night.

Outside the new store, the crowds soon built up with a flood of people waiting outside the store from around 5am ready to get their bargains in.

Steven Levitt, gives sales advice to some of the lucky people who got to the new store early.

Once the doors were open to let the mass of people in, it was all hands on deck for Vahid and his team to get the first lot of sales in for their new store, a real test of endurance for the entire team, especially Mark and Vahid who had been up since 7am the previous day!

The influx of people swarmed the store for hours on end and special offer items were quickly swooped up by the crowd with some even coming in and buying entire systems!

Come the end of the day, the entire team were shattered with sales setting an all time record and that’s not just in store. We have to give our thanks to Vahid, Mark, Steven and the rest of the team for their hospitality and allowing us to have a look behind the scenes at one of the UK’s biggest computer retailers. If you’ve not checked them out before, head over to www.overclockers.co.uk where you can find online deals, bundles and a large range of products.