Overclockers UK Launched a New Website Design

This morning we first thought that our friends from Overclockers UK had trouble with their website again, which would have been a logical scenario thinking of all the recent attacks on British-based online shops. However, the news wasn’t all as bad as we though and the page started to work again shortly after and showed us a brand new design instead.

Some users might still experience a 503 error now and then until the cache updates. If you should run into any 503 loading troubles, just leave the browser tab open a little while and try to refresh a few minutes later and you should be good to go.

Interested to see if this was a company-wide redesign, I visited Caseking DE to see how their site looked now. To no surprise, it looks pretty much identical, it just uses Caseking’s blue colour scheme instead of the Overclockers black one.

Overclockers UK is also celebrating the new web design with some great deal. One example on an awesome deal is the 250GB Samsung 850 EVO drive for only £59.99. That deal is only valid today, so hurry over to Overclockers.UK and get yourself a cheap and great new SSD. (Limited to one per customer).